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What is timber frame construction?

Timber frame construction is a common, modern wood building system. Timber studs and rails, together with a structural sheathing board, form the structural frame of the building, transmitting vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations.

The high degree of prefabrication reduces both, on-site construction time and weather-dependence, while ensuring optimized construction quality. Usually, the wall elements are prefabricated by storey, allowing the assembly of multiple storeys in few days.

What is CLT?

CLT stands for “Cross-laminated timber” and refers to an engineered wood panel, which consists of several layers of stacked lumber boards in alternating directions. This makes the panel very strong, increases its acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance.

Especially suited for prefabrication, CLT panels are fast and easy to install, generating almost no waste onsite.

What is a multi-storey wood building?

Build-in-Wood defines ‘multi-storey wood buildings’ as buildings where the supporting structure is made from wood or wood/hybrid materials, and which are at least 3 stories in height.

Buildings may be clad with any material including non-wood materials.


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