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Policy Catalogue: New urban policies for sustainable and carbon-neutral cities

Developed by our project partner Urbasofia, the Policy Catalogue presents the rationale, characteristics and impact of different policy instruments at the global level. It offers insights with respect to the strengths and weaknesses of different policy approaches at sub-national level and supports cities and regions that aim to channel their efforts for creating a more sustainable built environment by prioritizing wood, either implicitly or explicitly.

The purpose of the catalogue is to provide useful resources for policymakers in cities and regions. It provides an overview of current best practices and new developments in the policy and regulatory environment governing the construction sector, specifically in relation to building materials and the use of wood in multi-storey buildings.


The catalogue will be updated throughout the implementation process of the Build-in-Wood project, showcasing in the end a set of lessons learned and recommendations correlated with the findings of working closely with Early Adopter Cities.

A preview of all the research that have been carried out can be found on the Build-in-Wood Community within the Cities & Municipalities Group - Media Center

Click on the image below and register for free on our Build-in-Wood Community! 👇

Image Source: Urbasofia


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