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TIROLER Initiates Timber Construction in the Heart of Innsbruck

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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TIROLER VERSICHERUNG, a leading insurance company, has undertaken the construction of the first wooden high-rise building with a green façade in the heart of Innsbruck. In early June, the first wooden modules arrived at the construction site.

Situated at the corner of Wilhelm-Greil-Straße and Gilmstraße, TIROLER VERSICHERUNG is building a new headquarters, setting an exemplary precedent with the first wooden high-rise in Innsbruck, featuring a green façade. Construction commenced in late summer 2022, and after completing two basement levels and the ground floor, the project has now progressed to the first upper floor, marking the beginning of timber construction. Until recently, only the structurally and fire-safety relevant components such as elevator shafts, staircases, and walls towards neighboring buildings were visible, made from concrete.

Since the start of June, the assembly of wooden columns, beams, and ceiling elements has been in progress. To protect these wooden elements from rain and weather, they have been covered with façade membranes, with the exterior cladding to be applied later.

"We are using approximately 2,000 cubic meters of wood, and we are excited to have commenced the construction of the six upper floors using timber construction," explains CEO Franz Mair.

(c) proHolz Tirol

A Landmark Project for Tirol

With their new headquarters, TIROLER is establishing the first wooden high-rise with a green façade in Innsbruck's city center.

"We are creating a structure that will benefit future generations. Utilizing a renewable resource and taking active measures against the warming of Innsbruck's city center are just some aspects of our project. This showcases that wood can be effectively employed as a construction material even in high-rise buildings, combined with façade greening. We hope that many will follow our example and implement measures to cool down the city center," states Executive Director Isolde Stieg.

For the construction, TIROLER has primarily engaged local companies, with the timber construction being undertaken by the Außerferner company Holzbau Saurer.

"We are well on schedule. The timber construction itself will be completed within this year, meaning the building will be largely finished externally by the end of the year. Following that, interior works will commence, and according to the current estimation, we can adhere to the planned move-in date in the summer of 2024," adds Franz Mair.

(c) proHolz Tirol

More Green for the City

In addition to 220 square meters of green façades, rooftop gardens with an area of 625 square meters are also planned. Plants significantly contribute to the cooling of the environment and absorb CO2 from the surroundings, thereby offering multiple positive effects on the climate. To execute the greening, TIROLER has partnered with green4cities, a spin-off of BOKU Vienna, which has successfully implemented numerous similar projects.

Special attention is placed on energy efficiency and the utilization of renewable energies in the new construction. The goal is to achieve the climate-active GOLD Standard. The energy supply will involve harnessing heating and cooling from groundwater, while a portion of the electricity will be generated through photovoltaics.

For further information, images, and videos, please visit the press section of our project website for download.



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