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Trondheim: Second Early Adopter City Workshop

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The second Build-in-Wood workshop in Trondheim was organized on September 30th 2021 with more than 30 wood stakeholders from the region.

It represented a continuation of the findings in the first workshop and was organized around a ‘competition’ to win 2x150.000 NOK in funding of two pre-projects to help the municipality and local companies overcome some of the challenges experienced regarding sustainable (wood) constructions.

In workshop I several challenges were identified, and workshop II started with a series of presentations based on these challenges.

The presented topics were:

  • Form of business – how to challenge local value chains

  • What is demanded of sustainability in public tenders and requests?

  • Upgrading large buildings with the use of wood

  • Using Build-in-Wood system to upgrade Vestlia in Trondheim

  • Innovative solutions for large wooden buildings

  • Circularity in Trondheim Municipality.

When the participants signed up for the workshop, they chose a discussion topic to join during the workshop. After the six presentations mentioned above, the participants were divided into smaller groups based on their chosen topic.

There was a total of four discussion groups based on the following areas:

🌲 Measurable effects when building in wood

🌲 Circularity

🌲 Ability to change / Local value chains

🌲 Tender processes


Two weeks after the workshops, each group sent a short project description as part of the ‘competition’. All projects were based on ideas that arose and were discussed during the workshop. The evaluators of the project proposals were Trondheim Municipality, WoodWorks! and Kystskogbruket (as they were financing the pre-projects).

Two project winners were announced in the beginning of November:

Action menu for tender processes:

This project will look at smaller tenders and investigate how the involvement of local actors can be ensured through good tender processes. For this work, several Municipalities and companies are involved: Viken County Municipality, Green Advisors, Växjö Municipality, Trondheim Municipality and Ruralis.

New local value chains:

Public construction and major private developments have proven to be challenging for smaller local actors. This project wants to do something about this, by using a "living lab" approach (i.e., the development work will take place in real companies in real development projects). Initially, the focus will be on the use of local hardwood (birch) resources as well as the reuse of the material and reuse of furniture and wooden interiors. Involved in this work are Arkitre AS, Snekkeriet Verdal AS, Skjetne Design, Myhr Interiør, Lium Møbelfabrikk , Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen, Green Advisers AS, Rallar arkitekter, Treteknisk and Ruralis.

⭐ The two groups have already begun their research and have a deadline to finish the pre-projects before June this year, possibly leading to larger research projects looking further into the topics based on their pre-findings. ⭐



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