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A Pivotal Assembly: The Build-in-Wood Project Convenes in Athens for a Notable ExtensionThe serene

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The serene city of Athens played host to a vital gathering in late September, where Consortium members of the Build-in-Wood project convened to discuss critical developments and advancements within the project. This meeting was not just a routine check-in but an announcement pedestal, revealing significant news about the project's evolution and future directions.

A Year of Extraordinary Extensions

The focal point of the meeting was the official declaration of the project’s extension for an additional year, pushing the culmination to the end of August 2024. This extension is not just a timeframe enlargement but a gateway to innumerable possibilities and explorations within the project. It allows every individual associated with the initiative to persistently work on their respective tasks and particularly directs everyone’s concentration towards the Build-in-Wood demonstrator building.

A Sustainable Dream: Demonstrator Building in Denmark

The demonstrator building, set to be constructed in Denmark, embodies the essence of the project. It will integrate the findings and results achieved during the project’s journey, from construction segments and acoustics to fire prevention strategies. The collaborative effort aims to synthesize research and outcomes into a tangible structure, showcasing the possibilities of wood in construction.

A Glimpse into the Future

The team is brimming with excitement to share visual insights from this phase of the project and is eager to disclose the accomplished results in the form of enlightening keynotes as they unfold. Stay tuned to experience the project's revelations and breakthroughs, and to witness the transformation of research into reality.

Gratitude and Appreciation

A special round of applause and heartfelt thanks go to the National Technical University of Athens for embracing the team with incredible hospitality and for orchestrating a seamless and constructive environment for the event. Their meticulous attention to detail made everyone feel exceptionally welcomed and fostered a conducive atmosphere for fruitful discussions.


The Build-in-Wood project’s rendezvous in Athens was a milestone, signifying not just progress but the realization of a vision. The extension facilitates further exploration and refinement, allowing the passionate individuals behind the project to focus on bringing the innovative demonstrator building to life. As we anticipate visual representations and key findings from this endeavor, we also celebrate the cooperative spirit and the relentless pursuit of innovation that this project embodies.

We look forward to keeping you informed about our advancements and to sharing the beautiful synthesis of knowledge, effort, and wood in the form of our demonstrator building soon!


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