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Build-in-Wood's efforts are split into 10 work packages, that all together help us achieve our goal of making timber the common choice of building material.

Our structure

Build-in-Wood as a project is divided into 10 topic-specific work packages (WP), each of them led by a highly-specialised Consortium partner.

Just as the project partners cover the entire wood value chain, so does the scope of work.

We tackle the prevalent challenges, striving to develop innovative, sustainable and standardisable solutions throughout the course of the project. Members of our selected Advisory Board provide counsel, adding their experience and expert opinions to the project.


Image by Hudson Hintze

Overview of Build-in-Wood's Work Packages


Materials & Components

Optimising commercially available Engineered Wood Products (EWP) for the construction sector and specifically for multi-storey buildings.

WP Leader: Danish Technological Institute


Building Systems

Developing a building system for multi-storey wood buildings by identifying, combining and optimising best available technologies and products.

WP Leader: Waugh Thistleton Architects

Liste WPs


Buildings and Cities

Minimising risk for stakeholders when building multi-storey wood buildings to increase uptake in the construction sector for both new build and retrofitting.

WP Leader: C.F. Møller Architects


ICT and Building Process

Improving the value chain for new and retrofitted multi-storey buildings made in wood and optimising ways of prefabrication and off-site building.

WP LeaderBimetica


Performance Documentation

Performance characterisation, validation, and documentation of the close-to-market technological solutions developed in WP1-3.

WP Leader: National Technical University of Athens


Sustainability Assessment

Assessing the overall sustainability of the proposed building wood solutions (materials, building systems/processes, disposal and end-of life).

WP Leader: University of Siena



Implementing a holistic approach to stakeholder involvement, activating a community of practise at EU level to adapt and co-develop the Build-in-Wood technologies.

WP Leader: Urbasofia


Dissemination & Communication

Developing and implementing a stakeholder based communication and dissemination strategy, addressing regional, national, European and international levels.

WP LeaderproHolz Tirol


Business Development

Developing commercialisation plans, ensuring long-term sustainability of the Build-in-Wood infrastructure and creating new market opportunities.

WP Leaderrtd services OG


Project Management

Ensuring an efficient and effective implementation of project activities and the timely completion of all objectives, milestones and deliverables.

WP Leader: Danish Technological Institute

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