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One of the most sustainable cities in the world. Aiming to become the first carbon neutral capital city by 2025.

Cooperation with Build-in-Wood

The city of Copenhagen is officially one of seven Early Adopter Cities of the Build-in-Wood project.

The Challenge

  • To deliver a solid and lasting built environment for the growing population while keeping the economy and the timeframe of construction sound.

  • Implementing a new paradigm in the tender process by supporting the shift in the established building sector towards sustainable solutions.

  • Showcase through data that constructions of wood are healthy, safe, economically feasible, and time efficient constructions while saving carbon emissions.

Build-in-Wood Focus

  • Enhancing regional knowledge through data on cost efficiency, safety, and legislation of building in wood.

  • Prioritizing the use of wood in constructions as a sustainable solution using knowledge, data, and showcases.


Project status: 2nd workshop completed

Key Build-in-Wood Partner

  • Danish Technological Institute
    Knowledge Institution

    Urban Planning Agency

Copenhagen strives to become the first carbon neutral capital city in the world by 2025. To get there, we constantly focus on developing new and innovative solutions to make our city even more climate-resilient, green and liveable.

Building with timber has a huge potential to reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry, and the Build-in-Wood project is therefore vital to sharing knowledge and pushing forward sustainable wood construction

Lars Weiss_Overborgmester CPH.jpg

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Lars Weiss

Portrait Lars Weiss © Copenhagen Municipality

About Copenhagen

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, has roots going back to as early as the 8th century. The city originated as a fishermen town and has up until today developed into a business hub of innovation and green growth where sustainable urban development and quality of life are core values. In recent years, the city is experiencing an expansion of several thousand inhabitants every year which calls for new solutions of housing in the building industry.

Past and present

Recent news

Screenshot 2022-01-26 090720.png

Build in Wood Conference, Copenhagen

25th-26th August 2020. Build-in-Wood Conference in Docken was a huge success. As one of the first events taking place.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 091303.png

1st Early Adopter City Workshop

August 2020. How can we start using more timber in urban environments to provide sustainable and affordable housing to our citizens?

Copenhagen and wood

The City of Copenhagen has long traditions within construction in wood. When several fires burned down big parts of the building mass in the city in the 18th and 19th century, the material compositions changed into less use of flammable, organic material.

Today, wood-based constructions are about to face a renaissance. The construction industry accounts for around 40 percent of all carbon emissions in Denmark, and hence, the City of Copenhagen aims to push the green transition forward in the sector as a whole and takes pride in putting sustainable solutions first.

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