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Our Supporters

Build-in-Wood acknowledges the valuable support and consulting of experienced players of the industry.


Bäckegårds List AS

Location: Burseryd, Sweden

Field of Expertise: Planning mill, briquette press and surface treatment

Contribution to Build-in-Wood: Sponsoring fire retardant treated wood

Ragn Sells

Location: Oslo, Norway

Field of Expertise: waste management, environmental services, recycling

Contribution to Build-in-Wood: Sponsoring re-used wood for testing/analysing

Tjiko GmbH

Location: Rosenheim, Germany

Field of Expertise: Bathroom modules in timber

Contribution to Build-in-Wood: Consultancy on integration of timber bathroom modules in the Build-in-Wood systems


Location: Hokksund, Norway

Field of Expertise: Supplier of fire-protected wood and plywood with different degrees of processing for use in indoor and outdoor environments.

Contribution to Build-in-Wood: Sponsoring fire retardant treated wood

This project has received funding from
the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 862820.


Danish Technological Institute

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