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Exploring the Future of Wood Construction: Insights from IHF 2023 with Build-in-Wood and Partners

The 27th International Wood Construction Conference (IHF 2023), held in Innsbruck, Austria, was a melting pot of innovation and sustainable practices in wood construction. Build-in-Wood, alongside some of its project partners - Danish Technological Institute, Knauf, hsbcad, rtd-services, proholz Tirol, rothoblaas and Stora Enso - joined this prestigious event, marking a significant step in fostering collaborative efforts in the industry.

Sustainable Solutions Take Center Stage The conference's emphasis on sustainability resonated with Build-in-Wood's ethos. Discussions highlighted the evolving investor values toward eco-friendly practices in the EU and Switzerland, aligning perfectly with our partners' focus on green innovation.

Innovative Seminars and Discussions A series of enlightening seminars and discussions unfolded, covering climate-friendly building techniques, sustainable planning, and the increasing use of wood in public construction. These topics were particularly relevant to our partners like Knauf and Stora Enso, known for their pioneering work in sustainable building materials.

Spotlight on High-Performance Timber Structures The conference’s focus on high-performance timber structures highlighted the technical innovation of our industry. Build-in-Wood and partners like proholz Tirol shared insights and connected with likeminded companies and thinkers on the versatility and performance of wood as a building material in various projects.

Research, Development, and Future Trends The forum was a beacon for the latest industry developments. Discussions on bio-based wood adhesives and CO2-optimized materials echoed the research initiatives of the Danish Technological Institute. The exploration of circularity in timber construction opened new avenues for sustainable practices, a core interest of Build-in-Wood and its partners.

Collaborative Master Colloquium The Master Colloquium was a testament to the academic contributions to the wood construction field. Our partners appreciated the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas presented by the young minds.

Conclusion: A United Front for Wood Construction IHF 2023 was more than a conference; it was a demonstration of the collaborative spirit within the wood construction industry. Build-in-Wood and its project partners left the event enriched with new insights, ready to pave the way for a more sustainable future in building with wood.



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