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General Assembly: project updates and outlooks

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Every six months the Build-in-Wood Consortium gathers to discuss status updates, results, goals, expectations and challenges of project activities within different work packages. On this occasion, Build-in-Wood partner Knauf hosted the 2-day-event in its hometown of Iphofen, Germany.

On the first day of the General Assembly, several sessions related to e.g. ICT and Building Process, Performance Documentation and Project Management were arranged. Subsequently, an Eploitation Seminar was held, during which the Consortium discussed and planned the exploitation of project results and solutions.

After these sessions the participants visited Knauf headquarters, where they were given a site tour of the company and visited 4 different laboratories in the Drywall Application Center of Knauf: Sound and Acoustic Lab, Fire Lab, Mechanic and Static Lab and Hygrothermics Lab. As the project includes the testing and documentation of materials, components, and building systems, the partners witnessed several types of standardised tests, regarding fire and acoustic performance, listening to very accurate and detailed explanations and discussing the importance of reliable performance documentation.

Knauf core competence is within Building materials and Systems, being a partner in various work packages such as 'Materials & Components', 'Building Systems' and 'Performance Documentation'.

"With our products, systems and know-how we want to particularly support the approach of the standardized building catalogue which will improve the efficiency of the complete building process. We are sure that timber buildings are an important part of the process to create a more sustainable and ecological building sector. For that we support Build-in-Wood with our resources, know-how and products." - Bernhard Bredl, Market manager drywall construction (Wood construction and Dry Screed Systems) at Knauf

Day 2 of the Assembly started with a Steering Committee meeting, followed by different sessions referring to various work packages, where the most important themes and processes in the project were presented and reviewed as e.g.

  • The Build-in-Wood Design Guide

  • Build-in-Wood 1:1 Demonstrator

  • Digital pilot projects

  • Sustainability assessment

  • The Build-in-Wood Community (

The 2-day-event ended with Knauf hosting a wine tasting and a local dinner on the first day and a delicious dinner and an interesting visit at the Knauf Museum on the second day.

Build-in-Wood Consortium at Knauf conference hall, Knauf headquarters and Knauf Museum

Thanks to the General Assembly, the partners were able to gain new insights, get a status update on all work packages, but most of all enjoy the benefit of sitting together at one table and discussing in detail about their status and outlooks, being able to collect advice and opportunities for improvement and further procedures.

A big thank you to Knauf for hosting a very well organised and successful General Assembly!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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