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Innsbruck: 1st Early Adopter City Workshop

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

With Innsbruck, the third Build-in-Wood Early Adopter City has now held its first workshop. Abiding by a strict Covid-safety-concept, the workshop took place on October 12th, 2020 in the plenary hall of the town hall of Innsbruck. Among the attendees were four representatives of Consortium partners proHolz and rtd services (moderating the event) along with 19 Build-in-Wood stakeholders.

Politican Janine Bex

After the greetings from Karl Schafferer (Chairman proHolz Tirol) and Janine Bex (Councilor of the Green party), the Build-in-Wood project was presented and the results of the stakeholder questionnaires previously distributed online were discussed together.

The workshop groups consisted of 6-7 participants and were designed to reproduce the broad range of players along the wood value chain. In the interactive part of the event, the workshop participants dealt with various issues in small groups and outlined future scenarios for timber construction in Innsbruck.

These scenarios include, among other things, the holistic consideration of the construction cost analysis over the life cycle, a mandatory eco / CO2 balance and the introduction of a timber construction quota.

The workshop concept was created by Urbasofia (Sabina Leopa), rtd services (Wolfram Allinger) and proHolz Tirol (Simon Holzknecht and Lena Weyerhäuser).


The Consortium partner proHolz Tirol is also part of the BigWood project, pursing the same Build-in-Wood goal of making wood the natural choice of material for multi-storey buildings in an Austrian-Italian collaboration.


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