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New Partner: Stora Enso joins Build-in-Wood

We are proud to welcome Stora Enso, a leading provider of sustainable wood-based solutions for the construction industry to the Build-in-Wood Consortium!

Logos of Build-in-Wood and Stora Enso
Stora Enso is now part of the Build-in-Wood Consortium.

Stora Enso will especially support the project in the development of the building system and in the area of component optimization.

Furthermore, the project will benefit from Stora Enso's broad experience in prefabrication and wood-based building components.

Stora Enso is replacing outgoing Norwegian partner Splitkon who is leaving the project due to changed priorities following Covid-19.

Who is Stora Enso?

The new Stora Enso HQ is currently under construction

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden, Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in biomaterials and wooden construction. They sell wood products and fibre-based materials in more than 50 countries and currently employ over 23.000 people worldwide. Stora Enso’s solutions offer low-carbon renewable alternatives to products based on non-renewable resources. Sebastián Hernández Maetschl, Manager Building Concepts, Building Solutions at Stora Enso Wood Products, sums-up the company vision like this:

“We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. This sets an especially tough challenge for our buildings, which should also be produced completely from renewable materials and become a corner stone of the circular economy of the future. There is a huge challenge ahead of us and together with Build-in-Wood we want to push this further!”

bright and clean CLT fabrication hall with red machines
Stora Enso is one of the largest providers of building solutions from timber worldwide © Stora Enso

What will Stora Enso do in Build-in-Wood?

Build-in-Wood will benefit from Stora Enso’s experience in development of building concepts, their in-depth expertise in building physics (e.g. acoustics) as well as their longlasting market engagement across Europe and European cities of all sizes.

Stora Enso will mainly engage in the technical work packages like Materials and Components or Building Systems. At the same time, they will collaborate in market related work packages such as business development, as well as communication and dissemination.

View on Joensuu Lighthouse, the tallest wooden building in Finland.
The Joensuu Lighthouse, Finland's tallest building, was built entirely with wood provided by Stora Enso.

Side fact:

Finland’s tallest wooden building, Joensuu Lighthouse is 50m high and offers 117 student flats over 14 storeys. The Joensuu lighthouse is not only made entirely of wood, it is also entirely made of wood from Stora Enso. For the entire building, including the lift shafts, 2,000 m3 of timber were used, sequestering roughly 2,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

All wooden building material for the Joensuu building were transported with less than 50 trucks. Had concrete been used instead, the amount of truckloads would have been ~270.


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