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Offsite wood construction: Full BIM cycle now feasible

For something to be integrally planned in BIM, all its components need to be holistically represented, with complete specifications and all related data.

Not just for basic use cases, but for highly advanced and complex construction processes. Now, this finally has become possible: hsbcad’s latest version of Revit® design software enables the “BIM-ification” of the entire offsite wood construction process.

What does BIM mean?

What does BIM do?

For further information about BIM click here.

While the Build-in-Wood project comprises 21 partners that now collaborate in the various focus areas of the project, some partners have been working hand in hand for years. In order to make full, digital timber planning possible, it was necessary to enrich the original Revit® families with dedicated wood construction elements. This happened as part of the Build-in-Wood project in a close collaboration of our two partners’, hsbcad (Belgium/Germany) and Rothoblaas (Italy).

➕ Advantages of the new hsbFlex

Rothoblaas products has availed of the technology of hsbcad's new Coded Family Extension (CFE) known as hsbFlex, that offers multiple features including:

  • extended Revit® schedules (e.g. number of screws, weight, amount of tools, etc. )

  • marking lines during CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) creation

  • the ability to auto adapt to the changes made in the model

  • correct placement & alignment of components on the relevant wooden elements

  • automatic, CNC-ready generation of necessary woodworking (slots, cuts or drills)

👉 As a result, families with hsbFlex are smarter, highly flexible and can easily be exported to CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines.

📽️ What the new family extension looks like on Revit®

See for yourself how hsbFlex enhances the Rothoblaas products:

Who are hsbcad and Rothoblaas?

Both hsbcad and Rothoblaas are partners of the Build-in-Wood project, pledged to “Make timber the standard construction material for multi-storey buidlings”. The European funded project allows the two companies to intensify their collaboration and push forward the establishment of timber as construction material in institutions like BuildingSmart.

About hsbcad

With 30+ years of industry experience, hsbcad is a global software solution provider for offsite construction. Its extensive software platform supports companies by facilitating computer-aided design (CAD), offsite manufacturing, onsite assembly, and compliance with the rapidly emerging Building Information Modelling (BIM) standards in the construction industry.

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, with revenues expected to reach €6 million in 2021, hsbcad’s global team consists of 60 people, spread throughout their international subsidiaries in Germany, The Netherlands, The UK, The USA, Canada, Japan, Ecuador and Australia.

For more information on hsbcad, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

About Rothoblaas

Rothoblaas HQ

Rothoblaas, a global company from the Italian Alps, is a leading creator of high technology solutions for the heavy and mass timber, energy efficient, net zero and other better building practice sectors.

The Rothoblaas range of products covers fasteners and connectors, building envelope and acoustic solutions, worker safety and tools. By utilizing Rothoblaas standardized components, design professionals create cost-effective processes resulting in less labor costs, reduced energy usage plus safe and efficiently built buildings. With innovation at its core, Rothoblaas and its partners push the boundaries on all stages of the design and construction process.

Visit the Rothoblaas website to learn more.


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