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Project Meeting in London

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

February 6th-7th 2020: The entire Build-in-Wood Consortium gathered for a project meeting in London.

All work package leaders gave a brief update on their work status, pointed out risks and achievements, while giving an outlook on the upcoming activities. The meetings special highlight was the guided visit to various multi-storey wood buildings in London, planned and designed by our partner Waugh Thistleton Architects:

  1. Stadthaus, Murray Grove, completed Jan 2009 Residential building: 29m, 9 storeys - at the time, the tallest timber building in the world

  2. Whitmore Road, completed Nov 2012 Mixed commercial & residential buliding: 7 storeys

  3. Six Orsman Road Commercial building, completed Jun 2019

  4. Hoxton Cinema, completed 2018 3-screen cinema with commercial & residential accomodation


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