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Developing business opportunities with one of the leading suppliers for building solutions

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Project representatives of Build-in-Wood in front of the new high-bay warehouse in Kurtatsch, Italy

The Build-in-Wood project progresses, and the first results are being elaborated. Hence it is time to talk intensively with project partners about their research, experiments and results: How did they get the results? What motivated them to do the research and, most importantly, how can the results be implemented? Accordingly, WP9 Leader for Business development rtd services OG, together with Dissemination and Communication leader proHolz Tirol, visited Rothoblaas in Kurtatsch, Italy. The partners decided to seize the opportunity of a short distance between their headquarters to talk in person about important issues as the exploitation of advanced technologies will be necessary for economic success.

After a warm welcome from co-founder Peter Lang the partners enjoyed a riveting tour of the company and the high-bay warehouse, which were followed by an exploitation workshop, where rtd services OG was able to gain important insights: The development of a new product, that will simplify the life of those who build in wood and for sure will entail great achievement in the multi-storey timber construction sector.

"At Rothoblaas, we develop technical solutions in the areas of fixing, waterproofing and acoustic comfort to optimise the construction process of wooden buildings. This competence, in combination with our expertise in connection systems allows us to make a multidisciplinary contribution to Build-in-Wood."

says Paola Brugnara, Product Engineer & Technical Consultant at Rothoblaas.

Build-in-Wood is divided into 10 topic-specific work packages (WP), each of them led by a highly-specialised Consortium partner. rtd services OG oversees the development of commercialisation plans, ensuring long-term sustainability of the Build-in-Wood infrastructure and creating new market opportunities. Whereas Rothoblaas’ contribution is to share the knowledge from their extended research in mechanical fastening and soundproofing products for wood buildings and is consequently involved as a project partner in the Work Packages: Building Systems, Buildings and Cities, Performance Documentation and Business Development.

Although the partners have different competences, they definitely share the same values:

"We believe a world with more timber buildings is a better world to live in."

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