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Wooden Installation in Innsbruck

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Politicians in front of tall wooden art installation in Innsbruck
Kurt Ziegner (Tyrolean Provincial Government, Board Member proHolz Tirol), Anton Kraler (University of Innsbruck), Mayor of Innsbruck Georg Willi, Karl Schafferer (Chairman of proHolz Tirol)

Raising awareness to the possibilities and perks of building in wood is the main focus of this installation in the very centre of the touristic old town of Innsbruck.

The "wood passage", commissioned by the wood associations proHolz Austria (Association of the Austrian Wood Industry), proHolz Bayern (Bavarian Association of Carpentry and Woodworking Industries) and Lignum Schweiz (Association of the Swiss Wood Industry), lasted from the 14.10.19 until the 28.10.19 and attracted plenty of both local and tourist attention.

Roll-ups and communication material informed the visitors of the benefits of timber construction: Not only is building in wood environmentally friendly, it is also ideal for the heightening of existing residential buildings due to its low weight and high static load capacity. The increased amount of wood used in the construction sector reduces the demand for energy-intensive building materials and fosters the achieving of climate goals.

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Aug 17, 2021

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