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An internatioanl community of wood construction.





Total budget: 10 Mio. €

EU funding: 8.6 Mio. €

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Build-in-Wood Demonstrator

We're thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of the "Build-in-Wood Demonstrator" in Taastrup, Denmark, near Copenhagen. This innovative test and demonstration building springs from the collaborative efforts of the EU-supported Build-in-Wood Horizon 2020 project, featuring 21 partners dedicated to revolutionizing wood construction.


The wooden path to climate neutrality

We need to strategically lower our emissions by:

  • shifting to renewable materials

  • developing new technologies

  • creating international environment standards

The Construction Industry is currently responsible for 35% of total greenhouse gas emissions* produced by global economic activities.

Wood as the only truly renewable building material needs to become the new standard. As every new-grown m³ of wood binds a full ton of CO2, wood as such is not only climate-neutral, but climate-positive.

*Hurmekoski, E. 2017.  How can wood construction reduce environmental degradation? European Forest Institute

We want to make wood a natural choice of building material for the construction of multi-storey buildings

Build-in-Wood Consortium


About the Project

It is our ambition to make optimized and cost effective wood construction methods common practice in the European construction sector.

Image by Nadine Rupprecht

Why wood is key

Why wood is key

Timber is such an attractive material because it has a lower carbon footprint, uses less energy and water and is 100% renewable from sustainably managed forests.

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Early Adopter Cities

Selected European Cities will take a leading role in the project to intensify the use of wood in both, their urban core and surrounding municipalities.

At DTI, we’re proud to coordinate Build-in-Wood – a highly ambitious consortium full of enthusiasm and innovation. Build-in-Wood will help unlock the significant potential for forest-based products to decrease the CO2 emissions of the construction sector.


Niels Morsing

Project Coordinator & Director "Wood and Biomaterials" at Danish Technological Institute

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