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Build in Wood Conference, Copenhagen

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Build in Wood Conference in Docken, Copenhagen from 25th- 26th of August 2020 was a huge success. As one of the first events taking place after the COVID19 pandemic, the organisers had to implement special health concepts to assure the participants' safety. As consequence, ~270 people attended physically, while the whole conference was broadcast to over 200 digital attendees.

The event’s atmosphere was great, vibrating with the positivity of likeminded "timbernerds", striving to push timber construction forward on a global scale while embracing social and environmental responsability:

"Not only should we reduce our impact on the environment, but we need to go further and improve our impact."

~ Andrew Waugh, from our partner Waugh Thistleton Architects.


Build-in-Wood Project at Build in Wood Conference

Even though the conference and our Horizon project have very similar names, they are only linked by their drive to elevate timber construction. Since the Conference offers a great platform to our project, on the 2nd day, three of our Consortium partners officially presented it (the Build-in-Wood project) on stage, speaking about the structure, goals and visions of the European project.

The Build-in-Wood speakers were:

  • Peder Fynholm, Vice Director of Wood Department at Danish Technological Institute

  • Kirsten Haggart, Senior Associate at Waugh Thistleton Architects (digitally via video)

  • Franco Piva, Engineer & Director at Ergodomus

Speakers from various areas contributed with presentations about new simplified regulations, stunning projects and innovative ideas. Among the speakers were architects and city representatives, researchers, engineers and fire experts, construction company owners and business managers.

"It's worth taking a risk. We got to the end result we had hoped for."

~ Alexandra Thygesen (Owner Atopia) about rebuilding Svinklov hotel in Northern Denmark in timber instead of "business as usual".


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