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A Workshop on Sustainable Building with Wood

Recently, rtd Services organized an exploitation workshop as part of the Build-in-Wood project, a Horizon 2020 initiative aimed at promoting wood as a sustainable building material. The event took place at the headquarters of Rothoblaas SRL in Kurtatsch, South Tyrol. It was attended by key project partners, including rtd Services, Rothoblaas SRL, Waugh Thistleton Architects, proHolz Tirol, and Stora Enso.

members of rtd services, Rothoblaas, Stora Enso, Waugh Thistleton Architects and proHolz Tirol took part in the workshop

The workshop's agenda centered on discussing the business model for the Build-in-Wood project and exploring potential activities for exploiting the project's outcomes both during its remaining time and after its conclusion in August 2024. A significant part of the discussions addressed a practical question of interest to many participants: the cost and process of constructing a multie-storey building using the Build-in-Wood building system.

The Build-in-Wood project, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, aims to increase the use of wood in building construction to enhance sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings.

During the workshop, participants exchanged views on the feasibility, costs, and steps involved in adopting the Build-in-Wood system for constructing medium-rise buildings. This discussion was aimed at understanding the practical aspects and challenges of using wood as a primary construction material on a larger scale.

The event provided a platform for sharing knowledge and discussing the future of wood in construction. It highlighted the project's goals of promoting environmental sustainability and reducing construction's impact on the climate.

a tour of rothoblaas's facilities

By focusing on the practicalities of using the Build-in-Wood system, the workshop contributed to a better understanding of how sustainable building practices can be implemented more broadly. As the Build-in-Wood project approaches its end, the insights gained from this workshop are expected to support the continued exploration of wood as a key material in sustainable construction.

rothoblaas's completely autonomous warehouse built in wood

We would like to thank rothoblaas for hosting and organizing the event, including the tour of the impressive facilities towards the end of the workshop.


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