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Build-in-Wood Digital Pilot Projects: Kick-off workshop in Innsbruck

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

In the course of Build-in-Wood, digital pilot projects are to be devised for each of the seven Early Adopter Cities. "Bebauung Parkplatz Hungerburg" (building development of the parking lot Hungerburg) of client “Innsbrucker Immobiliengesellschaft (IIG)” was selected for the digital pilot project Innsbruck throughout a selection process involving local stakeholders.

A site visit and a kick-off workshop were held to get better acquainted with the foreseen construction project and to discuss the applicability of the Build-in-Wood System on the digital pilot project. The architectural agency C.F. Møller, consortium partner Build-in-Wood, is responsible for the lead processing of this digital pilot project. proHolz Tirol, also part of the Build-in-Wood consortium, coordinates the local stakeholders and activities.

We intend to realise a mixed-use timber building passive house, within the framework of the housing subsidy,

explains Franz Danler, CEO of "Innsbrucker Immobiliengesellschaft".

The building is to be realised on the area of 7,004 m², which was originally a stone quarry operated for the extraction of Höttinger breccia and is used as a parking lot with a total of 139 parking spaces for excursion guests.

The following uses are currently being considered:

  • Assisted living - project of 2 different facilities, no “senior living".

  • Municipal apartments for families

  • Kindergarten and day nursery with a total of 3 groups, use according to demand

  • Small grocery store

  • Approx. 130 underground parking spaces

The project was presented by Georg Preyer (IIG) and the workshop was mainly led by C.F. Møller architect Sebastian Bildau and two of his colleagues, who participated digitally. Bildau gave a very detailed and informative presentation about the applicable Build-in-Wood System, which combines standardisation and adaptability.

During the workshop IIG's managing director and project managers, representatives of Innsbruck's urban planning department, proHolz Tirol and competition experts, discussed the implementation possibilities for the ambitious timber construction project on “Hungerburg”.

Parameters and framework conditions for the call for tenders and the selection procedure of the architectural competition have been worked out.

The EU-wide architectural competition with a preliminary application procedure including an application for participation and a subsequent negotiation procedure for the award of general planning services is to be carried out. In the first stage, potential applicants will be invited to submit references in passive house planning, timber construction, subsidised housing and mixed-use buildings with urban planning requirements. A jury will select about 20 participants for the anonymous competition, pushing the planned timber construction method within the given economic framework.

The participants of the hybrid kick-off workshop in Innsbruck:

Innsbrucker Immobiliengesellschaft (IIG), proHolz Tirol, C.F. Møller, rtd services OG, Holzbau Saurer Ges. m.b.H.& Co KG, Stadt Innsbruck, UND Architektur,


Planning and execution period:

(depending on decisions and approval procedures)

Start architectural competition: spring 2022

Project development up to competition: by fall 2022

Project planning until legal decisions: by spring 2024

Construction implementation: spring 2024 to end 2025


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