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Wood-tour across Tyrol/Austria

With reference to the digital pilot project for the Build-in-Wood Early Adopter City Innsbruck project partner proHolz Tirol arranged a guided visit to Kufstein, Jenbach and Innsbruck to introduce C.F. Møller architect Sebastian Bildau. Together with local stakeholders various timber buildings and a glulam factory were visited.

Kufstein: Naturquartier Weißache

The visit started in Kufstein at “Naturquartier Weißache” (completed 2021) where the residential building was presented by client “Unterberger Immobilien” and architects “HVW Architektur ZT-GmbH”. The residential project is said to be Tyrol’s largest all wood residential building. The five-storey building, with 34 freehold flats, including two penthouse apartments in the recessed attic, is classified in building class 5 and was constructed entirely in wood from the underground garage ceiling upwards, including the stairwell and elevator shaft - precast concrete parts were only used for the stair flights, with a material use of 780 m³ CLT.

“The cooperation worked very well, from the awarding of the contract to planning and installation,"

project leader Florian Huber from "Unterberger Immobilien" displayed.

Jenbach: binderholz Brettschichtholzwerk

After a lunch break, where construction, challenges and approaches were discussed and exchanged, the visit continued in Jenbach at a glulam factory of one of the worldwide largest and most modern leading companies in the industry that set new standards in production technology. A new automatic high-rack stacking system has been installed to enable all completed glulam packages to be stored. This means up to 850 individual packages or 2,000 m³ can be stored simultaneously.

Jenbach: Niedermühlbichler Gründe

After having been taken through the glulam factory the participants proceeded to the building complex in Jenbach called “Niedermühlbichler Gründe” (completed 2010), a multi-storey residential complex with 67 apartments in timber construction and passive house standard, which was designed by architect Hermann Kaufmann for client and non-profit housing developer “Neue Heimat Tirol”.

The outer facade is executed with natural larch. As a colour differentiation, the shutters of the windows are vibrant colours, reminiscent of historic wooden buildings. In the apartments, the construction material can be experienced through the visible timber ceilings.

Innsbruck: Kaspar Weyrer Straße

For the last stop in Innsbruck the participants met architect Patrick Lüth (Snøhetta) , whom in collaboration with architect Werner Burtscher designed the residential project in Kaspar Weyrer Straße, completed in 2015 and commissioned by “Diozöse Innsbruck”. The 2,200 m² building includes a total of ten rented apartments, with a width of four meters and differing lengths, partly consisting of two storeys, orientated in the east-west direction, are offset against each other and thus creating terraces and spacious interstices. Above ground the building is constructed of prefabricated CLT with facade formwork made of silver fir. The flat roofs were transformed into green zones. Raw wood walls and ceilings harmonise with ground screed and high-quality interior fittings. The housing complex certainly stands out as a grandiose example of modern and divergent urban living.

Early Adopter City Innsbruck

Innsbruck is one of the seven Early Adopter Cities, along with Copenhagen, Trondheim, Trento, Brasov, London and Amsterdam. The Early Adopter Cities take a leading role in the project, receiving detailed context analyses, workshops and implementation support from the Consortium and Advisory Board to intensify the use of wood in both, urban core and surrounding municipalities. For each of the seven Early Adopter Cities a digital pilot project is being developed. The architectural office C.F. Møller is in charge of Innsbrucks' pilot project, thus architect Sebastian Bildau was in Innsbruck for the kick-off workshop, which was held the day after this wood-tour across Tyrol/Austria.


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