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Multi-Storey Wood Buildings, when do we finally see more of them

Recently, the event “Multi-Storey Wood Buildings, when do we finally see more of them?” took place in Innsbruck, within the halls of the Tyrolean Economic Chamber (WKO). proHolz Tirol welcomed four presenters with different entrepreneurial backgrounds to communicate their fascinating topics in front of over 150 guests.

The interesting evening was kicked off by Philipp Zingerle, timber expert for proHolz Tirol, who presented on economical as well as robust solutions for the construction of multi-storey wood buildings, specifically focusing on planning tools. Using a recently finished model in the scale of 1:20, he skilfully demonstrated the conclusions drawn from the project “BIGWOOD”, involving several companies from Austria, Italy, and Germany. Additionally, he hinted towards possible future results provided by the project “Build-in-Wood”, funded by the European Union and shared amongst its ever growing Build-in-Wood Community, involving some twelve countries.

A similar approach was undertaken by Anne Nyfeller, an architect working for Pirmin Jung Schweiz AG, who demonstrated the feasibility of combining both living areas as well as workspace within a large wooden building, highlighting the necessary planning tools as well as the subsequent team building required to ensure a constructive evolution of such a visionary approach.

Rüdiger Lex, Manfred Saurer, Wolfram Allinger-Csollich, Roland Lenzi

René Knapp, a project leader working for Rhomberg Bau GmbH/ Bregenz, talked about the advantages of constructing larger buildings completely in wood, giving special emphasis to the fact that skilled workers can quickly put together the prefabricated parts even when less confronted with these kind of systems on a regular basis.

The final topic of the evening was presented by Andreas Flora, professor at University of Innsbruck, together with the Thomas Thaler, architect at SPhii architectural collaboration. Their main goal was to both shed light on the recently concluded project “lift-up” which focused on the adaptation and melding of existing building with additional wooden structures as well as to further the initial designs produced by the partaking students in the areas of achievability and affordability.

An interesting discussion concluded the event, which gave both the audience and the presenters the opportunity to exchange additional aspects and information.

Philipp Zingerle, Anton Kraler, Manfred Saurer, René Knapp, Anne Nyfeller, Andreas Flora, Thomas Thaler, Rüdiger Lex

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